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Burren - Teo Cuff Earring
Burren - Teo Cuff Earring

Burren - Teo Cuff Earring

Cuff earrings are all the rage, so this star studded Teo cuff earring should be adorning your upper ear right now.  This cuff earring can be adjusted to your ear size with a little squeeze between your forefinger and thumb.  Cuff earrings are made for a curated ear, you can even wear multiple cuff earrings at the same time.  Show your trend skills and get those ears cuffed up to the tilt, no holding back, go on gift yourself these cuff earrings.  Suitable for casual or smart casual attire.  The high quality plating has a 3 year warranty. It comes beautifully gift boxed.

Size: Diameter 11mm

Care: For 18K gold plate products soak your jewellery in lukewarm water with a little mild soap or washing up liquid, rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Remove your jewellery before you practice sports, including swimming, or go to bed. Remove your rings before an intense physical activity that could cause damage. eg. gardening or handiwork. Avoid contact with perfumes and harsh chemicals.


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